Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Dreaming

My favorite season is upon us, the season of my birth.  My energies are at their best during this time of year.  I'm fortunate to have plenty of work set for publication this fall at places as varied as James H. Duncan's Hobo Camp Review (Google Mr. Duncan, he is an amazing poet and writer), Clockwise Cat, Katie Moore and Co.'s The Legendary, Jack T. Marlowe's Gutter Eloquence, Full of Crow, the print editions of Side B Magazine and Electric Windmill Press, and countless others.  I'm mostly looking forward to all of the writing I haven't done yet, and the experiences that precede my endeavors as a young and fledgling scribe.  Thought I'd stop by and throw a few cents in this silly little blog, and get back to watching "Double Indemnity" for the umpteenth time.  And dream of pumpkins.